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Full Name Current Institution Geographic Keywords Thematic Keywords
Jean-Thomas Martelli King's College London
as of [28-04-2016 11:45:26]
India, South Asia, France Student Politics, Ethnography, Mobilisation
Amanda Lanzillo Indiana University
as of [28-03-2017 08:30:26]
India, Lucknow, Awadh, Hyderabad, Bhopal artisans, patronage, technology, native states, mobility
Charlotte Thomas Center for International Studies (Ceri, Paris) & Noria
as of [15-06-2016 04:17:04]
India Political science, sociology, urban studies, discrimination, social movements
Sumbul Farah Department of Sociology, University of Delhi
as of [21-05-2015 03:34:28]
Bareilly, South Asia, India Sufi, shrine, Barelwi, Ahl-e-Sunnat wa’l Jamaat, Sunni, ulema, identity, performance, boundaries
Muhmmed Sihabudheen K Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
as of [14-03-2017 00:12:23]
India, Paksitan, West Asia Inidan Muslim Politcs, India Pakistan Relations, Poliitical Islam, International Relations Theory and Discourse Analysis
Elizabeth Jackson University of the West Indies
as of [14-06-2015 13:01:52]
India, United States, Britain Gender, cultural identity, feminism
Francesca Fuoli Department of History, School of Oriental and African Studies
as of [24-02-2015 08:26:08]
India Afghanistan, British Empire, state-building, colonial knowledge
Simon Leese School of Oriental and African Studies
as of [14-03-2015 15:08:58]
India, Yemen, Hijaz, Calcutta, Delhi, Lucknow, Awadh Arabic literature, cultural history, book history
Muhammed Niyas.A N/A
as of [21-05-2015 03:44:46]
Malabar, Kerala, South India, India, South West Indian Ocean, South Asia Print, Mappilas, Modernity, Resistance, Identity, Muslims
ufaque Paiker Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India
as of [02-09-2016 07:28:31]
India Delhi
Robert Ivermee School of Oriental & African Studies
as of [21-05-2015 05:11:01]
Bengal, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh (North-Western Provinces), Britain, India Colonialism, religion, education, law, governmentality
Liam Morton King's College London
as of [22-05-2015 01:58:51]
India, Afghanistan, Russia, North-West Frontier Province, rumour, anxiety, Frontier, world war one, pacification
Sabera Bhayat University of Warwick
as of [12-03-2017 05:24:58]
India, Maharashtra, South Asia Gender, Feminism, Women's Rights, personal law
Isaac Foster Emory University
as of [18-05-2015 12:52:45]
India, Pakistan, South Asia qawwali, embodiment, performance, Sufism