MUSA Forum - People search MUSA's 2nd Graduate Conference, in collaboration with the Royal Asiatic Society, will be held in London on 8, 9, & 10 October 2015. The keynote address will be delivered by Professor Michel Boivin of CEIS Paris. Please do join us.

Full Name Current Institution Geographic Keywords Thematic Keywords
Hem Borker University of Oxford, U.K.
as of [05-08-2015 08:58:55]
Delhi, India, Asia Gender, Education, Social Exclusion, Ethnography
Elizabeth Jackson University of the West Indies
as of [14-06-2015 13:01:52]
India, United States, Britain Gender, cultural identity, feminism
Mohammad Musfequs Salehin University of Bergen
as of [21-05-2015 01:46:27]
Bangladesh, South Asia Islam, Gender, Development, Faith-based NGOs, Governmentality, Neoliberalism, Bangladesh
Rebecca Gould University of Birmingham
as of [08-09-2017 21:13:47]
Central Asia-South Asia links, Delhi, Lahore Persian, poetry, historical narrative, violence, gender, autobiography, literature, poetics, Islam
Siobhan Lambert-Hurley Department of History, University of Sheffield
as of [21-05-2015 04:13:18]
Women, Gender, Autobiography, Reform
Maria Rashid SOAS
as of [26-05-2015 00:45:37]
Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan Masculinities, Nationalism, Gender, Militarism. Martrydom
Sabera Bhayat University of Warwick
as of [12-03-2017 05:24:58]
India, Maharashtra, South Asia Gender, Feminism, Women's Rights, personal law