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Thematic Keywords
artisans, patronage, technology, native states, mobility
Geographic Keywords
India, Lucknow, Awadh, Hyderabad, Bhopal
Full Name
Amanda Lanzillo
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Current Position
PhD student
as of [28-03-2017 08:30:26]
Current Department
Indiana University- Department of History
Expected Year of Graduation
Academic Advisor
Michael Dodson
Position Title
PhD Student
Current Institution
Indiana University
Most recently completed Degree and Institution
M.A. Indiana University
Discipline of most recently completed degree
Central Eurasian Studies
Year of graduation from most recently completed degree
Current Research Title
Mobility and Patronage: Artisans Between Colonially-Administered and Native State India
Current Research Abstract
My research focuses on the mobility of Indian artisans between colonially-administered and native state cities in the post-1857 period. I examine the family and professional connections, as well as the claims of technical expertise, that artisans from the city of Lucknow leveraged to find patronage in cities like Hyderabad, Bhopal and Rampur. I position native states neither as repositories of tradition, nor as imitative of colonial spaces. Instead, I argue they were productive sites of exchange in which Indian artisans and other professionals developed social and economic ideals in a context of circumscribed Indian administrative autonomy.