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Thematic Keywords
Urdu Literature, Tales (Dastan), Islam, Sufism
Geographic Keywords
Bahawalpur, Punjab, Pakistan, South Asia
Full Name
Dr. Rafiq ul Islam
Email Address
Current Position
Faculty member
as of [19-02-2017 00:42:20]
Current Department
Urdu Department, Govt. Postgraduate College, Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
Expected Year of Graduation
Academic Advisor
Position Title
Secratary Genral
Current Institution
Research Institute of Languages & Literature, Bahawalpur.
Country of Institution
Most recently completed Degree and Institution
P.hD (Urdu Literature), Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Discipline of most recently completed degree
Literature & Philosophy
Year of graduation from most recently completed degree
http/www.academia.edu/Dr. Rafiq ul Islam
Current Research Title
Metaphysical Elements in Urdu tales (Dastan).
Current Research Abstract
Other Research
14.Metaphysical Study of Tale Surosh e Sukhan
Paegham e Ashna, Islamabad, Issue 3/2016
13. Urdu drama art & criticism
Az-Zubair (ISSN#1811-5403), Urdu Academy, Bahawalpur,Issue 02-03/2016.
12. Stages of Urdu Lexicography
Az-Zubair (ISSN#1811-5403), Urdu Academy, Bahawalpur,Issue 01/2016.
11. The Story of Love & Metaphysics
ALMAS (ISSN#1818-9296), SAU, Khair Pur, Sindh, Issue: 2014-2015.
10. Metaphysical Study of Bostan-e-Khayal
Az-Zubair (ISSN#1811-5403), Urdu Academy, Bahawalpur, Issue 04/2015.
9. Modern critic discussions in Urdu; An Introduction
Az-Zubair (ISSN#1811-5403), Urdu Academy, Bahawalpur, Issue 03/2015.
8. Research & Its Kinds
Namud E Harf (Reg#269-N), Lahore, Issue June/2014.
7. Urdu’s renowned Researchers
Az-Zubair (ISSN#1811-5403), Urdu Academy, Bahawalpur,Issue 01-02/2015.
6. Two Well Known: M.Hussian & Abu Kalam
Urdu Research Journal, (ISSN#2348-3687) new dehli, India,Issue 02/2014.
5. Art of Preface Writing & Majeed Amjad
Namud E Harf (Reg#269-N), Lahore, Issue 02/2014.
4. Ghazal & Its Criticism
Namud E Harf (Reg#269-N), Lahore, Issue 01/2014.
3. Fiction criticism & Shams Rehman Farooqi
Az-Zubair (ISSN#1811-5403), Urdu Academy, Bahawalpur,Issue 03-04/2014.
2. Remembering the past: Hayat ullah Tareen
Az-Zubair (ISSN#1811-5403), Urdu Academy, Bahawalpur, Issue 01-02/2014.
1. Sultan Bahu concept of mentor and disciple
Az-Zubair (ISSN#1811-5403), Urdu Academy, Bahawalpur, Issue 01-02/2013.