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Thematic Keywords
Terrorism, Identity, Geo-Strategy
Geographic Keywords
South Asia, Pakistan, FATA
Full Name
Muhammad Irfan Mahsud
Email Address
Current Position
PhD student
as of [16-03-2017 00:25:23]
Current Department
Department of Political Science
Expected Year of Graduation
Position Title
PhD fellow Department of Political Science
Current Institution
Country of Institution
Most recently completed Degree and Institution
M.A, Department of Political Science at the university of Peshawar
Discipline of most recently completed degree
Political Science
Year of graduation from most recently completed degree
Current Research Title
Religious Militancy and Tribal Transformation in Pakistan: A Case Study of Mahsud Tribe South Waziristan Agency
Current Research Abstract
This thesis will explore the nature of religious militancy in Pakistan in general and is South Waziristan with special reference to the role of Mahsud tribes. The emphasis is on militancy growth in SWA in the wake of 911. It will investigate the role played by the Mahsud tribe in the rise of Taliban Movement in Pakistan. The research will further analyze the impacts of Talibanization (militancy) on the socio-cultural and political features of the South Waziristan Agency in general, and Mahsud tribe, in particular.
Other Research
I am conducting research regarding religious militancy in FATA and Frontier province in Pakistan