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Thematic Keywords
Deobandi, Islamism, comparative politics, discourse analysis, political risk analysis
Geographic Keywords
Pakistan, NWFP, Khyber Pakhtunwa, Balochistan, Karachi
Full Name
Johann Chacko
Email Address
Current Position
PhD student
as of [22-05-2015 09:17:33]
Current Department
Politics & International Relations
Expected Year of Graduation
Academic Advisor
Dr. Matthew J. Nelson
Position Title
Current Institution
School of Oriental & African Studies, University of London
Country of Institution
Most recently completed Degree and Institution
M.A., University of Arizona
Discipline of most recently completed degree
Middle East Studies
Year of graduation from most recently completed degree
Current Research Title
Fragmentation & Fluidity: The Discourse of Deobandi Groups in Pakistan after 9/11
Current Research Abstract
A study of the 'sanctioned discourse' of Deobandi groups in Pakistan in the post 9/11 period simultaneously reveals a pattern of both sharp differences and accommodationist shifts in position, reflecting the underlying dynamics of the larger intersection of electoral, armed and special interest politics in the country's political system. Study -not just of individual discourses, but their changes and their relationship to each other- employing frame analysis suggests its potential not just for retroactive study of events, but political risk forecasting with regards to conflict, alliance and reconciliation.